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 “Someone’s Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Friend” consists of four oil paintings that depict Paige, her mom, as well as two close friends who have all given permission to have their stories displayed. The inspiration for the series resulted from an internal breaking point in realizing the sheer prevalence and desensitization of sexual assault in Baldwinson's community and society. She has created these paintings to force the viewer to consider the story reflected in each work, and to question their own place in a society that perpetuates the male gaze and rape culture. 

In 'The Aftermath, Baldwinson explores the unavoidable changes that come following a traumatic experience, in this case, sexual assault. 'The Aftermath' will explore both positive and negative impacts that have resulted from completing the series, 'Someone's Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Friend', as well as shed light on to the challenges of navigating relationships following sexual assault. 

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